Saturday, June 17, 2006

Day 1 Thessaloniki, Greece

Day 1

After a tiring flight, stopping over at Budapest, we were glad to touch down at Thessaloniki! We were welcomed by a lovely warm breeze and thanked our lucky stars we were all wearing light clothes!

Upon arrival, the hotel was swarming with athletes donning their country colours. Most of our athletes greeted old friends while Vincent McArdle, our youngest swimmer at the age of 17, stood in excitement for what lay ahead! The grand entrance of the hotel made us feel like we were royalty! The athletes couldn’t wait to drop their bags in their room and dip their toes into the Posidonio swimming centre which boasts an outdoor swimming pool! The hot weather made it ideal to swim in the cool soothing water! Unfortunately, we missed the coach that brought everyone to the pool. Our swimmers had to put their togs away much to their resentment! They cannot wait to train at 9.30 tomorrow morning! Don’t we wish we had this kind of weather in Ireland! Imagine how ultra-fit our swimmers would be then!

After having a group meeting to discuss what lay ahead in the day, our athletes were free to roam the city centre and meet with old and new friends! Conversations were filled with comparisons of best times in certain laps; those who were not swimmers were simply lost with the lingo! Hopefully by the end of the week, our “swimming” vocabulary will improve!

Plan for tomorrow: Training at 10.30 – 11.30 + 5.00-6.30

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At 3:38 PM, Blogger conor said...

Good to see that Sarah Jane have nice put the Irish Swimmers news with blogs and hope that she do for everyone to see the results at the end of day.

We, Munster Deaf Sports Council wish them all th best this week and will keep update to our members and non-members too.

Cheer from MDSC


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